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Changing the way Real Estate is being sold on Aruba

Best Buy Realty is an Aruban company that is engaged in all aspects of real estate and it aspires to change the way real estate is sold on Aruba by focusing on three strategic points:

    1. We endeavor to have well trained agents, who are regularly coached in all aspects of client service and other real estate related matters, to be able to give exceptional client service.
    2. All property listings that are awarded to us by owners, receive individual detailed attention. We do our outmost to sell the property at the highest possible price, in the allotted time granted to us. This all begins by making a detailed marketing plan to sell the property, after which we discuss the plan with the owners, so that they can see step by step how we plan on selling their property.
    3. We give high importance to selling all listings as quickly as possible. We therefore enlist the assistance of a large network of affiliated real estate agents. By doing this, we expand the market for the property exponentially, without costing the sellers anything extra in commission, since we share our commission with the agent that brings us the buyer.

Meet our team

We constantly endeavor to find new and innovative ways to satisfy our client needs and to be in the forefront of the Aruban property market.

If you want to buy, sell or rent a property on Aruba, give “Best Buy Realty” a try, we will help you realize your dream: “Your dream is …our target!”


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