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Aracari Condos For Sale

Bakval, Noord, Aruba
USD 298,800 AWG 5,318,650



PRICE LIST: CLIENTS             (Prices subject to change without notice)
FloorBedroomsBathroomsSquare Meters (+Patio)PriceStatus
1-A1st F2 Beds2 Baths75,68 + 22,46$328,800.00Available
1-B1st F2 Beds2 Baths69,58 + 53,28$339,800.00Available
1-C1st F2 Beds2 Baths69,63 + 36,36$320,800.00Available
1-D1st F2 Beds2 Baths69,52 + 94,41$362,800.00Available
1-E1st F2 Beds2 Baths75,81$298,800.00Available
1-F1st F2 Beds2 Baths74,10SOLD
1-G1st F2 Beds2 Baths69,49 + 126,16$392,800.00Available
1-H1st F2 Beds2 Baths71,31 + 21,63SOLD
1-I1st F2 Beds2 Baths68,29 + 104,78$368,800.00Available
1-J1st F2 Beds2 Baths75,50 + 26,08$329,800.00Available
2-A2nd F2 Beds2 Baths75,68SOLD
2-B2nd F2 Beds2 Baths77,97$311,800.00Available
2-C2nd F2 Beds2 Baths76,10$303,800.00Available
2-D2nd F2 Beds2 Baths74,51SOLD
2-E2nd F2 Beds2 Baths81,61SOLD
2-F2nd F2 Beds2 Baths79,65$318,800.00Available
2-G2nd F2 Beds2 Baths73,34SOLD
2-H2nd F2 Beds2 Baths74,81$298,800.00Available
2-I2nd F2 Beds2 Baths77,34$308,800.00Available
2-J2nd F2 Beds2 Baths75,50$302,800.00Available
3-A3rd F2 Beds2 Baths75,68$306,800.00Available
3-B3rd F2 Beds2 Baths77,97$315,800.00Available
3-C3rd F2 Beds2 Baths76,10$320,800.00Available
3-D3rd F2 Beds2 Baths74,51SOLD
3-E3rd F2 Beds2 Baths81,61SOLD
3-F3rd F2 Beds2 Baths79,65SOLD
3-G3rd F2 Beds2 Baths73,34SOLD
3-H3rd F2 Beds2 Baths74,81SOLD
3-I3rd F2 Beds2 Baths77,34$312,800.00Available
3-J3rd F2 Beds2 Baths75,50$305,800.00Available
K3rd F2 Beds2 Baths61,11SOLD


Payments Schedules
Reservation Deposit10%
Start Construction20%
Pouring 1st Floor20%
Completion Roof20%


  • Address: Aracari Condos
  • City: Noord
  • Area: Bakval
  • Country: Aruba


Updated on January 30, 2020 at 2:05 am

  • Price in USD: USD 298,800
  • Price in AWG: AWG 5,318,650

Contact info

Kenneth Faustin
+297 734 7777
Born and raised on Aruba, I have been married for thirty five years now, and am the father of two children and grandfather. . .

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